Fabrice You Artist Collective is a group of creatives and visionaries with extensive talents in music, dance, and more.

With our elaborate and wide-spread network of artists across all genres, FYAC can create an experience completely unique to your vision - we can turn your dream into a reality. With music ranging fro Balkan and Middle-Eastern to rock and gypsy jazz, and exotic snake charmers, stilt dancers, and Burlesque, we can form the perfect group to fit your style and produce an experience you will never forget.


About Fabrice You

Between busking in a mule-drawn, handmade wagon across Europe performing Eastern European gypsy music to mixing world, jazz, and gypsy music in artistic haunts of Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that Fabrice You has spent his life absorbing the culture and music of every country he’s traveled through. This is why the Paris-born, L.A.-based artist is considered one of the most versatile and musically diverse violinists today.